Our Story

Our beginnings

connectnow started out in 2001 initially servicing Victoria only. With only two call centre operators it was considered a busy day when we made 5 connections! During these early years our office was located in working class West Melbourne and used old doors as makeshift desks.

From day one we had the same ambition as we do today - to make it easier to arrange a move through connectnow than it would be to do it yourself. While we knew that our service was a real help - saving home movers time and hassle, it took a while for Australia to understand what we were really about.

connectnow today

connectnow has grown rapidly since starting out in 2001 and now services all states and territories of Australia. With a team of over 50 people including over 30 knowledgeable moving home consultants, we have helped more than 800,000 Australians to move home more easily.

Our team is highly experienced in all industries associated with moving so you know you will be looked after.

Our values

  • To make dealing with connectnow easier than dealing with major moving home providers
  • Guaranteed power connections – accommodation paid otherwise
  • Hire enthuasiastic people
  • Invest in our own industry leading systems to enable us to deliver better, more efficient service