Terms and Conditions

A connectnow representative will make all reasonable efforts to contact you within one working day of receiving your application. If connectnow was unable to contact you within this period please contact connectnow on 1300 554 323 to ensure connection is completed.While the connectnow service is FREE, standard service provider connection fees and charges still apply.You pay NO extra charges as a result of using the connectnow service.

Connection of your utilities will only be initiated once a representative has discussed your details with you and obtained your consent to the terms and conditions of supply of the relevant utility service provider(s). The privacy of our customers is of vital importance to connectnow.

I consent to the collection of my personal information by connectnow Pty Ltd ABN 79 097 398 662 for the purposes of arranging for the connection and or disconnection of the nominated moving and connections services and related services, and to providing my personal information contained in this application to the relevant service providers and connectnow's related bodies corporate, in accordance with connectnow's Privacy Policy (which is available for my inspection at (www.connectnow.com.au). connectnow, its related bodies corporate and the relevant service providers may contact me on an ongoing basis (including by telephone and electronic means) to let me know about new or existing products or services to complement my home and lifestyle service needs. I understand that I can contact connectnow at any time if I want to opt out of use and disclosure of my information for direct marketing or if I want to update my personal information. I agree that neither connectnow nor the Agent accepts liability for loss caused by delay in, or failure to connect/disconnect or provide the nominated services. The service will be activated according to the applicable regulations, service provider time-frames, terms and conditions once agreeing to use the chosen service provider. I authorise the obtaining of a National Metering Identifier and or a Metering Installation Registration Number on my residential address to obtain supply details. It is the responsibility of the customer/homeowner to ensure that the electricity main switch is in the 'Off Position' for the required time-frame on the day of connection and that there is easy access to the meters. I acknowledge that the terms and conditions of the service provider bind me and that after hours connections may incur additional service fees from service providers. I acknowledge that connectnow may be paid a fee or commission by the service provider and may pay a fee or commission to the Agent in respect of the provision of the service provided to me by connectnow.

connectnow has a panel of suppliers, and not all possible suppliers of power, gas, telecommunications services and other relevant services participate in this panel. In providing its advice and recommendations service to consumers, connectnow only has reference to those participants in its panel who offer relevant services in the customer's location (and not any other service providers). Service availability and provider choice may vary depending on your location.